Howard B.
Rockman, P.C.
40+ Years experience in Patents
Registered Patent Attorney & Partner
at Rockman, Videbeck & O'Connor, LLC

Patent Preparation and Prosecution

Upon graduating from Drexel University with a B.S. degree in mechanical engineering, Howard took a position as a Patent Examiner in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in Washington, D.C. Simultaneously, he enrolled as a law student at George Washington University Law School, where he gained his J.D. degree with honors.

During his years as a Patent Examiner, Howard obtained hands-on knowledge of the techniques of the patent prosecution process that were conducted between patent attorneys and patent examiners. Also, by absorbing the technical content of the patent applications he was examining, he gained valuable direct knowledge as how patent applications should be prepared.

Over the years since, Howard has prepared and prosecuted numerous patent applications in several technology genres, including the mechanical and electro-mechanical arts, among others. His practice today continues to involve the preparation and prosecution of patent applications in the U.S. and foreign Patent Offices.

Howard relies extensively on his experiences in patent application preparation and prosecution experiences in teaching these techniques to his students at John Marshall Law School, and the University of Illinois at Chicago. In this way, Howard is constantly honing his skills in his practice of Intellectual Property law.