Howard B.
Rockman, P.C.
40+ Years experience in Patents
Registered Patent Attorney & Partner
at Rockman, Videbeck & O'Connor, LLC

Meet Howard Rockman

I have been an Intellectual Property Law practitioner since completing law school in 1963. Since that time, I have represented large corporations, small businesses, start-ups and individual innovators who desire to initially protect, and base their business model on, their creations, inventions, and innovations. During this time, I have developed a personal manner in dealing with my clients. I initially attempt to determine the overall objective of the client, i.e., creating a new business based on their invention or idea; licensing their innovations to another in return for royalty revenue; an existing business entering a new market; or an existing business seeking to gain market share with a major improvement to its current product line. Each of these clients have different objectives, and I tailor my efforts toward meeting these objectives in the most cost-effective way, while at the same time providing maximum benefit to the client.

Because of my experience in dealing with clients across a wide spectrum of intellectual property needs, I pay close attention to what the client is saying, and respond with recommendations and advice that is in direct response to the client’s needs, using my experience and acumen to render proper service.

For example, to the extent possible, I present clients with anticipated fee ranges for the intellectual property services recommended, normally at the first meeting, followed by sending an Engagement Letter to the client, specifying the nature of our attorney-client relationship, and fee and cost schedules. Clients do not like surprises, and I run my law practice with this as Rule No. 1.